Woes : Stephen and Stacie Johnson

teppo guitarThe inspiration for this song came to Stephen a couple of Monday’s ago when he was feeling particularly directionless. A bit melancholy due to not knowing what was going on with his life; but ultimately hopeful knowing that all would be okay. When asked what the name of the song should be he said, “Woes. That or ‘Jazz Panther.'” Clearly he was feeling much goofier when we recorded the song than the moment of initial inspiration.

Initial tracked by Stephen in Garage Band, using stock loops. Guitars were recorded at camp Goulet. An M-Audio FastTrack Pro was used as the mic pre & A/D/A. Believe it or not, Stephen used two $10 Sony Karaoke microphones to record the rhythm guitar tracks. Bass was recorded direct.

The whole project was brought over to the CollabMusic Studio and imported into Logic Pro. The lead guitar was then recorded through a Digitech 2120 –> PreSonus FireStudio Project.

Stacie Johnson - Piano

Stacie Johnson - Piano

All keyboards played by Stacie Johnson on the Roland XV-88.

Rough mix by Stephen Johnson and Lieb Johnson through Mackie 824 monitors.

Woes : Stephen and Stacie Johnson


Photo’s by Surrah

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3 thoughts on “Woes : Stephen and Stacie Johnson

  1. Awesome and inspiring. The first couple of minutes really reflect that melancholy feeling of being directionless. Then it picks up with the pure, youthful, raw optimism that shifts the unknown from a problem into a challenge. This song says, “I still don’t know where I’m going but I’m going to go face forward with my head held high.” Then, after a couple more minutes, it’s as if God is expressing His pleasure for this life decision.

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