CRemix: Week 2.

Jim Wood, Shannon McMahon and i got together at the church around 1:00. We weren’t super happy with the results from the last session. The HVAC equipment in the room was a bit loud, and the tone we were getting wasn’t quite what we had hoped. So we Googled for “record acoustic guitar” and came across this article. We listened to the embedded .mp3 files and liked the stereo image of the second option. Also, it seemed reasonable that it was the best option for a dissimilar pair of microphones.Spaced Pair, Version B

We wanted to use the large diaphragm R0DE NTK to capture low end, and one of the church’s condenser mics.

Week 2 Jim

So we set Jim up with the NTK pointed at the 12th fret, and angled in slightly towards the sound hole for a bit more low end. The AudioTechnica was placed over Jim’s shoulder pointing towards the bridge. We were pretty pleased with the sound. [No.. we haven’t posted anything yet. Patience grasshopper.] The acoustic guitar parts were captured for Silent Night and Hark the Herald Angels Sing. The first was more fingerstyle picking, where the second was strumming. “Hark” will likely be more of an electric guitar song; but good to get some acoustic and scratch vox down.

Week 2 lieb

On a completely different note, my wife has expressed concern about my life being largely undocumented from a picture perspective. So here is an obligatory picture. Shannon McMahon took the pictures with the iPhone. He has now been asked to document the project in pictures (in addition to his audio engineering duties). It seems reasonable to me that this effort will be a good memory for those involved with the effort. Now we just need to make sure he makes it in front of the lens as well.

April is almost upon us. With that we’ll have the new audio interface and start pulling the other musicians in. Really looking forward to it.

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