CRemix: First Weekend of Recording

We spent some time laying down reference tracks. W00t!

The HVAC noise was a bit much on stage, so we decided to record down in the carpeted area. Here is the grand-ax-master Jim Wood, and some audio geek in his natural environment.

Stay tuned. We’ll be calling the other musicians in a few weeks.

The setup Guitar Hero Ah… recording

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2 thoughts on “CRemix: First Weekend of Recording

  1. Who is the “audio geek”? He looks vaguely familiar. I’d like to have been there.

  2. Next time you do an acoustic…try a kick mic on the lower bout of the guitar and blend a little in…it’s one of my personal tricks.

    Also, Geno has my NTK at the moment, so if you need another one, ask him!


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